.General Questions

What do I need to bring to a fitting? 
  • Bring your shoes and any undergarments you will be wearing with the bridal gown or dress.
How far in advance should I book my first fitting? 
  • Some brides will book 3-4 months in advance. During the peak (spring/fall) wedding season, I usually have a month of solid bookings for fittings and final alterations.
How many fittings do brides need? 
  • The average is three. It depends on the work, weight loss, and... anxiety!  Don't worry, I was a bride too!  If I'm not working on a bustle than it's usually a single fitting.
What if I lose weight? 
  • This is normal behavior for brides and brides maids and the need to book multiple fittings.  Don't be ashamed to talk about this topic, most brides loose weight or plan to lose weight.  Talk to me about this, I'm your partner to make you look the way you want to look - your very best!
Do you make veils? 
  •  Available upon request.
Where are you located, and is there parking? 
  • See the "Location" link, you can park on the street.
What are your hours? 
  • Services by appointment only.  Please call for an appointment.
Do you alter used wedding dresses?
       Many brides save hundreds sometimes thousands of dollars when the find their                        dress through a second hand source.  This is fine as long as there is enough                              material to adjust the garment to fit you.  Even though the used dress has a size                    label, it was probably altered to fit the last bride.
Do you charge for a consultation? 
  • If you decide my services are too expensive, there will be a $25-$50 consultation fee.  By the end of your first fitting, we might have 2 hours invested in time.  I won't pull any pins out!
Are there any former clients I can contact about your services? 
  • Absolutely! Just google "Isabel Donnelly alterations".   

Isabel Donnelly Bridal Alterations * 5145 Morningside Lane * Ellicott City * Maryland * 21043 
Phone: (443) 765-5465 
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